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APsystems LATAM Fall 2018 A+Rewards
Installer Incentive Program

APsystems Latam is excited to announce the fantastic Fall 2018 A+Rewards Installer Incentive Program! This outstanding program offers you the chance to get thousands back in rebates for choosing APsystems microinverters.

Collect A+ Rewards points and get:

  • US$50 for every 20 points;
  • US$150 for every 50 points;
  • US$350 for every 100 points;
  • US$800 for every 200 points.

*1 YC500/YC600 purchased = 1 point; 1YC1000/QS1 purchased = 2 points;

*The coupon value can be realized by equivalent local currency.

The more you buy, the more you get during the promotion period as long as you buy from a participating distributor of the promotion. The promotion runs from August 27, 2018 to October 14, 2018, and the final day of coupon release is Sept 30.

How to get coupons and rebates

Please be aware that the A+Rewards promotion website is the only way for installers to fulfill the registration process and to apply for coupons.

  1. Installers can visit this promotion website directly or contact their participating distributors to assist with the registration steps here on the site. After registration, installer will receive a specific coupon ID from APsystems via email;
  2. Installers then purchase the microinverters they need from the participating distributor selected on the registration page and receive their rebate by providing the coupon ID to the distributor.

A few more details:

  1. APsystems will not release any more coupons after September 30th. You must apply for coupons before September 30th and use them by October 14th;
  2. Once you choose a distributor, your coupon will only be usable through that distributor;
  3. Participating APsystems distributors will be the only channel for using coupons when purchasing APsystems products;
  4. When registering to receive a coupon, please make sure the email address is correct and able to receive emails. If you fail to receive a coupon within 48 hours after successful registration, please check your spam folder first, and then contact APsystems LATAM by emailing:, or contact your distributor;
  5. Coupons are stackable. For example, if you plan to buy 50 pcs YC500 (50 points=$150 rebate) and 10 pcs YC1000 (20 points=$50 rebate), you can earn 70 A+Rewards points, and can use two coupons to receive a $200 rebate in total;
  6. Each coupon has a unique recognition number, so each coupon can only be used once;
  7. There is no limitation on the number of coupons that be used in a single order but at least one coupon must be used in order to receive any rebate.

Don’t wait — order today

APsystems YC500, YC600, YC1000 and QS1 microinverters purchased between Aug 27th, 2018 and Oct 14, 2018 are eligible for the rebate.

See Frequently Asked Questions and the full Terms and conditions below.

Installers with a participating Distributor listed below, register for the program here.

If your distributor is not on the participating list please contact us at
(eg. 5-20 point, 2-50 point...)