Earlier this year, APsystems asked for participation from Latin American installers to join an installation project contest, highlighting their installation expertise using APsystems microinverter products in residential and commercial solar. We are delighted to have received so many entries and we decided to bring attention to the winners in each category and created of a new Special Recognition.

APsystems Best LATAM Project is awarded to solar installers JF ENERGIA, and E2 ENERGIA EFICIENTE. Both companies deserve recognition for their forward-thinking, their inventiveness, and for helping so many people and businesses alike to go solar. Special recognition is given to Createch Energias.

E2 Energia Eficiente, an energy efficiency company from Rio de Janeiro takes our Residential Award. APsystems LATAM chooses to reward their contribution to Vagner de Oliveira, an outstanding 7.5kW residential project whose roof has 4 different orientations. To help power this project, E2 Energia Eficiente used 4 APsystems QS1A microinverters, minimizing shading effect on the solar panels installed on one of the roof’s orientations.

Our Commercial Award goes to JF ENERGIA for their SODIE VILA EMA installation. It is a great project which was installed in February 2021 in São Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The installation uses 19 APsystems YC1000 microinverters and 76 pcs 415W panels.

The special recognition is for Createch Energias for its Maderas Transformad project. It is a 39.6kW commercial project which was installed on the roof of a lumber mill. This project uses 23 APsystems QS1 microinverters which guarantees the systems safety from high voltage arc risk.

Thanks to all the support from our distributors in Latin America, especially Baywa Mexico and Ecori Brazil for their involvement in promoting this program within their installer base.

APsystems congratulates the winners of our Best Installation Project Contest in Latin America. We are excited at the prospect of planning another edition of the contest next year and hope our installer community in Latin America will respond with even more entries. As solar power continues to build momentum in Latin America, new creative solar professionals widen the horizons of innovative solar systems in this uniquely rewarding fast-growing industry.