APsystems YC500i Microinverter

Our flagship microinverter, the bestselling YC500i microinverter handles two PV modules simultaneously with dual MPPT. Up to 14 solar modules (7x YC500s) can be installed in a string with a single 20A breaker.

  • Maximum Power Output: 530W (from two solar modules)
  • Individual MPPT for each panel
  • Connect 2 modules up to 310W
  • Peak Efficiency: 95.5%
  • Dimensions: 220mm (8.6″) x 160mm (5.4″) x 29mm (1.37″)
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs.)
  • Up to 14 solar modules (7x YC500s) in a string with a 20A breaker
  • 10 and 20 year warranties available
  • designed to operate in challenging real-world conditions from -40 °C + 65 °C

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