P-1045 – Vagner de Oliveira, Brazil

P-1045 – Vagner de Oliveira is an outstanding 7.5kW residential project that has been named the Best APsystems Latin America Residential Installation Project winner for 2021.

At the beginning of the system design, the owner requested the installation of as many solar panels on the roof as possible to generate more electricity to meet the energy demands of daily life. However, the house has a high inclination, a variety of roof orientations and also shade on one part of the roof. In addition, the owner wanted to keep the huge gap in the middle of the roof to avoid blocking the corridor’s sunshine. To help power this project, E2 Energia Eficiente used 4 APsystems QS1A microinverters, minimizing the shading effect on the solar panels installed on one of the roof’s orientations.

“Microinverter technology is the most appropriate choice for a house with a roof facing multiple directions and shading from the side walls,” said the Project Manager. The QS1A microinverter capably connects to 4 modules at the same time and has 4 independent MPPT channels, so the array is not affected by limited power generation from a single module. Since there is no “short board” effect, shading, dust or other production-limiting factors will not affect the power generation of the whole string, allowing the output of the array to be maximized.

Project Name: P-1045 – Vagner de Oliveira

Project Address: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Project Size: 7.50kWp

Microinverter type and quantity:  4 x QS1A

Panel power: 15 Risen 500Wp panels

Reseller and Installer:E2 ENERGIA EFICIENTE