The microinverter technology fulfills the function of converting continuous energy (CC) into alternating energy (AC) that is converted into electrical energy. The microinverter controls and monitors each board individually and its operation is independent. Being independent, its connection allows the performance of the entire system not to be affected if there is an existence of shadows or problems in the solar panel.

The microinverters with the monitoring system can send data of the performance, quality and operation of the solar panels to which they are connected.

With microinverter technology, the risk of electric shocks and fire problems is reduced, since it does not concentrate a large amount of energy in a single conversion point.

Advantages of Microinverters

  • Control and monitoring of each panel individually.
  • PLUG & PLAY installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for complex ceiling installations (with different orientations).
  • Your system will be scalable.
  • Safer system for installers and final users. By converting the energy to alternative energy right there, the risks of electrocution or fire decrease.
  • Useful life of 25 years, warranty for 10 years with monitoring system.
  • Less overall system losses.
  • Greater efficiency in the photovoltaic system, ensuring that there are no energy losses.
  • The equipment has 20% more security since it works with low voltage and the power is in a certain point, reducing risks due to arcs in direct connection (DC).