APsystems YC600B Microinverter

The APsystems YC600B is a split-phase (L1-L2 220V), two-module, grid-tied microinverter with intelligent network capabilities and independent MPPT per channel allowing for module-level monitoring visibility. The YC600B is a true utility-interactive microinverter, designed with Reactive Power Control (RPC) technology and to be Rule 21, H14 compliant and meet NEC 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements. The YC600B has adjustable capability up-to 0.7 leading and 0.7 lagging. The YC600 also provides continuous output of 750W with an industry-leading MPPT efficiency of 99.5%

  • Single unit connects two modules
  • 2 input channels with independent MPPT and monitoring function
  • Maximum continuous output power up to 750W
  • Auto disconnection device integrated
  • Adjustable output power factor

YC600: Advanced, two-panel microinverters cement their spot in future, high-output projects

APsystems YC600 is the most advanced microinverter in solar