APS Microinverters are the safe choice to meet NEC 2014 standards

New electrical safety standards for solar equipment are here, and APS Microinverters meet these tough new demands out of the box. Under the new National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014, PV system circuits must include a Rapid Shutdown function to cut off the flow of current in case of an emergency. The new standards protect system installers […]

APS Microinverters lead the industry in innovation, flexibility

APS Microinverters are the new choice for PV system designers and installers across the solar industry. Why? The tremendous advantages that APS Microinverters offer over traditional “string” units is no secret: optimized yield thanks to individual module output, monitoring and control (no more “shading” effects crippling a whole array); flexibility of system design, and ease of installation […]

2014 Trends: Solar Module-Level Power Electronics – Solar Power World

Product reliability distinguishes top microinverter brands, APS VP Michael Ludgate tells Solar Power World in a new article on MLPE trends. Read Micahel’s comments here.