APS Microinverters meet CEC requirements of IEC 62109-1 and IEC 62109-2

APS Microinverters fully comply with new requirements for safety and quality that will go into effect in Australia in 2015.

Module-level power electronics must be certified to meet IEC 62109-1 and IEC 62109-2 after July of this year, according to the Clean Energy Council of Australia and the SAA Approvals testing laboratories.

APS Microinverter products have been certified to meet the CEC standards since August 2013, the first microinverter products to meet the rigorous Australian requirements.

IEC 62109-1 and IEC 62109-2 certification governs inverters used in photovoltaic systems to ensure uniform technical standards and appropriate safety benchmarks. The codes define the minimum requirements for product design and manufacture for protection against electric shock, energy, fire, mechanical and other hazards.

Australia is a key market for APS globally. All APS Microinverters are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and reliability, and APS will spare no effort to maintain the quality of products and services to ensure Australia’s green energy development.