We are happy to have received so many entries and we thank first of all the participants for their valuable interaction in this contest, after seeing so many incredible and successful projects we must mention that it was a complicated and difficult decision since each project had its degree of complexity and sophistication.

APsystems LATAM is proud to announce that the Best Installation Project is for the 2 installation companies IG SOLAR and ENER-ECO ENERGÍA. Both companies deserve wide recognition for the excellent solution implemented given the complexity of the project, for dedicating themselves to educating the new generations of installers and for providing well-implemented solutions with APsystems devices.


Headquartered in the capital Natal/RN, its objective is to encourage the growth of energy self-sufficiency from renewable sources, implementing in the most varied sectors of the national economy systems with intelligent solutions from the energy and economic point of view, for large and small consumers, both in urban and rural areas and with difficult access.

Ener-eco recently opened a showroom by the sea to show customers the quality of the product, how it resists sea air and humidity. They hold events with entrepreneurs to expand knowledge about the products they offer. They offer free classes for schools that have renewable energy courses, talks and classes.

To set up the showroom, 15 different types of Microinverters were used such as QS1, QS1A and DS3D with an installed capacity of 27.72 Kwp.


IG SOLAR is a Brazilian company that operates in the segment of renewable solar energy systems.

In order to provide its clients with a significant reduction in energy costs and sustainability, IG SOLAR develops projects for Photovoltaic Systems Connected to Grids and Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems, automation systems.

Giving an excellent solution to the supermarket the “Cebolinha” with 7 arrangements of 108 modules in different orientations, slopes are made to avoid gales, there were too many slopes so the MLPE technology of APsystems microinverters helped a lot to harvest energy. The solution of 27 QS1A microinverters (4 panels per microinverter) was what helped the various slopes and had better results.