APsystems announces its cumulative global shipments of Microinverter products have exceeded 1GW as of December 31, 2020.

In early 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19, APsystems adjusted its production and business strategy in a timely manner and achieved growth in a number of countries and regions against the global trend. APsystems continues to focus on strong product and market development, and has set its next goal to achieve 1GW of microinverter shipments annually.

Since its establishment, APsystems has been focusing on product quality and meeting customer needs, and has steadily achieved brand awareness and market share, building its path to 1GW. The 1GW shipment represents more than 3.5 million APsystems microinverters shipped worldwide (calculated on a single unit basis), which are expected to generate 1.24 billion kWh a year, reducing greenhouse gases by 910,000 tons of CO2 and equal to the environmental benefits of 45 million trees.

APsystems ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013-2019. APsystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and has established offices and warehouses in several key regions and countries, forming a global sales and service network. With its fast and steady development over the past 10 years, APsystems maintains sustained profitability every year since 2012 due to its sound financial planning and practices. APsystems R&D personnel account for more than two thirds of the total staff of the company. APsystems has more than 130 approved patents, and our products have obtained a significant number of safety and performance certifications to operate in markets throughout the world. Today, more than 100,000 unique APsystems microinverter systems have been installed and operate well in over 120 countries.