DS3D, APsystems Unveils the Most Powerful Dual Microinverter and Doubled it

APsystems introduced the DS3D, a doubled dual, single phase microinverter product line for residential and commercial solar applications at the Solar Power Mexico trade show in Mexico City last week.

The new DS3D now only serves for the LATAM market, with outputs up to 2000VA. It doubled the most powerful dual-module microinverter in the world and reflects APsystems’ commitment to powerful innovation with global capability.

The new platform architecture, built from the ground up by APsystems’ engineering and R&D teams, employs the latest breakthroughs in power inversion circuitry, semiconductor device technology, high-speed communication and intelligent control.

The DS3D is designed to be paired with virtually any choice of PV module type and size, including 60 and 72-cell modules, 120 and 144 split-cell modules, as well as bi-facial modules. DS3D connect to 4 PV modules (2 x 2 modules in serie) offering unprecedented cost-efficiency to solar professionals in LATAM. The new product line is also fully compatible with ECU-R, ECU-C and ECU-B gateway devices.

With a performance and an efficiency of 97%, a unique integration with 20% less components, APsystems DS3D is a game changer to residential and commercial PV.

Key Product Features:

  • One microinverter connects to four PV modules
  • Maximum output power reaching 2000W AC
  • Two input channels with independent MPPT
  • Maximum reliability, IP67
  • Encrypted Zigbee communications
  • Safety protection relay integrated
  • Single phase microinverter. Possible to install in a balanced 3-phase system

The DS3D products further broaden APsystems line of multi-module microinverters, offering reduced logistics costs, faster installation, improved communication and connection features.

The groundbreaking new microinverter will ship to the LATAM market shortly.